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Who is Floy you may ask?  Floy is me!  I, Rachel Floy Morrison, named after my grandmother Floy Sample Morrison.  I have always had a passion for spicing things up, especially after living in Mexico City for 2 years.  There, I learned not only how to increase my tolerance of those crazy chilies, but also how to taste the differences and subtle enhancements each one can have on a dish.  Throughout the years, I played with little creations until I finalized some favorites and began serving them at barbeques and dinner parties.  They became such requested favorites by my friends and family, that it inspired me to start the business and try them with others.

Floy’s Finest begins with my own beloved recipes, chips & salsa, but will expand on providing other people’s traditional family favorites to the public, hence the use of a beloved family name - Floy.  I strictly use fresh produce, natural juices, quality spices, vinegars and oils, no additives or funny sounding chemicals, to ensure the authenticity of "homemade" is maintained and preserved.  Besides, Mother Nature has always known best, so I’ll stick with what she provides.  ;)  


About Us

Made with only what Nature provides!  Floy’s Finest is a culmination of a passion for natural ingredients, nostalgia for family favorites, and the desire to share this madness with others. 

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The best salsa mixes anywhere! It doesn't get much better than Rachel's salsa's with a side of her chips. I don't even normally like or buy salsa, but when I tried hers, it definitely got my attention. My favorite is her pineapple salsa. Sweet and savory, and mouthwatering!

Satisfied Customer

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I LOVE your salsas. I specifically enjoy “spicy salsas” but couldn’t believe how delicious every single jar of your salsa was. I think I tried every flavor you have and plan to tell everyone I know about ‘Floys Finest’. I’d say out of the eight flavors...

Very Satisfied customer - JG

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